Slaying Monoliths w/ Node.js and Docker

Update 12/7/2016: The video is now available! Here are the slides for my talk “Slaying Monoliths w/ Node.js and Docker” that I recently gave at Node Interactive North America in Austin, Texas. I discuss our new container-based data access platform that’s replacing our legacy data access API stack. I walk through the history of the … More Slaying Monoliths w/ Node.js and Docker

Observable Node.js Applications — Enterprise JS Talk

Recently, I gave a talk at the San Francisco EnterpriseJS event. For those of you unfamiliar with EnterpriseJS, it’s a meetup where attendees learn and share experiences around building robust, enterprise grade software on top of JS. My talk focused on how and why we’re building observability into Netflix’s Node.js applications. The slides are also available.

Node.js in Flame(Graph)s

(Originally posted on the Netflix Tech Blog on Nov, 19, 2014) We’ve been busy building our next-generation web application using Node.js. You can learn more about our approach from a presentation we delivered at Today, I want to share some recent learnings from performance tuning this new application stack. We were first clued … More Node.js in Flame(Graph)s